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Rosemary Eucalyptus EO Spray
Aroma Seize Founder | CEO

So here we are …

You must be interested in healthy living, or you wouldn't be here. I want to personally welcome you to Aroma ...
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eo spray cedarwood

How Essential Oils Work Energetically

I was first introduced to essential oils 8 years ago, when I was walking through a local farmers market in ...
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Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning – Odds and Ends

As we wrap up our month of Spring Cleaning, I wanted to finish by talking about something that is very ...
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Detox the Bedroom

The bedroom is a sacred place in our house, or at least I think it should be. It should be ...
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natural soap and candles

What’s in your products?

As an American, and a consumer, for a long time I believed that if something was on the shelves, that ...
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