So here we are …

Aroma Seize Founder | CEO
Dawn Depke    Aroma Seize Founder | CEO

You must be interested in healthy living, or you wouldn’t be here. I want to personally welcome you to Aroma Seize and invite you to read a little bit about who we are…

Who are we and what do we really care about?

Well, really, we care about health and we care about YOU! We want to see you live your most authentic and whole life, and we believe that health is an important part of your being able to do that. We care about the products that we have around us, in our homes and on our skin. We love our homes, and want them to smell good and feel welcoming when you walk in. We are passionate about where we source our ingredients from and we are committed to always doing our best to make sure that our products are good for you and good for the planet. And we are committed to giving back, giving to each other and to the world.

Join our tribe!

So join us. Look around and see if you are living your most authentic life. Stop for a moment and truly ask yourself how you feel? Do you know yourself, are you rested, are you content, are you learning and growing? Or are you running from place to place in a hurry and missing the joy in life.

In the coming months we will grow as a community. Let’s stay connected as we get to know you, through emails, connecting via social media (IG and FB). Come journey together and share your life with us!

So visit us often, and leave a comment! We want to hear from you. In the weeks to come we will start to talk about some of our favorite topics … but for today, we just wanted to say hello.

With love + joy,

Dawn Depke

Aroma Seize Founder | CEO

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