Detox the Bedroom


The bedroom is a sacred place in our house, or at least I think it should be. It should be a place where we immediately we feel peace and calm. Keeping our sleeping space uncluttered and clean, and making sure that we change our sheets often, these are all things that make our sleep space […]

Spring Cleaning – Odds and Ends

Spring cleaning

As we wrap up our month of Spring Cleaning, I wanted to finish by talking about something that is very important to me. When talking about the harmful chemicals that we use around us, many times we forget that what we use outside on our lawns and in our gardens, can have a HUGE effect […]

How Essential Oils Work Energetically

eo spray cedarwood

I was first introduced to essential oils 8 years ago, when I was walking through a local farmers market in Orange County. I met a woman who has been distilling and then blending her own essential oils for over 30 years! This woman was an expert when it comes to oils, and I was just […]

All About Soap

About Soap

Bar soap might just be one of the most misunderstood products out there. So many people ditched the bar for liquid soap, but hold on, don’t throw it out with the bathwater quite yet! Let me begin with the fact that the environmental impact of bar soap is dismal compared to most liquid soaps. One […]